Caledon Long Term Investment, or a dream come true for digital nomads!

By: Lorraine Mondello

Caledon Long Term Investment, or a dream come true for digital nomads!

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Caledon, the quiet and dream-like small community which allows for dreams to flourish, and for goals to be accomplished!
As the world evolves and moves forward, so does Caledon, in a surprising way, nonetheless, moving forward in several different directions and quickly adapting to the world around it!
With the release of the Business and economy plan for Caledon by the Council of Caledon, we can conclude that Caledon will be an amazing place to keep your eye on. Short term as well as long term!
If you are in the process of thinking about your future, what steps will lead to a better tomorrow, a more secure and stable plan, Caledon might be the place to look out for!
Providing these statistics in the year 2021 alone will prove our claim that this truly is a thriving market which is being nurtured to bloom within the next couple of years and become one of the staples when it comes to high end communities!
The average price of a home in Caledon in January 2021 was: $1,314,986, this may seem like a lot, but in a time frame less than one year, the price has drastically jumped!
Seeing the reports from October 2021, the average price was: $1,560,360, that is an increase of a whopping $245,374, that's approximately $25,000 per month, or around $800 per day!
If you would have bought a home in Caledon in January, sold it in October, it would have the same effect as you working from January till October, 24 hours per day, for $34,00 per hour!

The numbers don't lie, and with the upcoming economic plans which include:


The time is perfect to take that step towards a stable future, and to invest your hard-earned finances into something which will be your plan A as well as plan B if you decide to change your plans!
The best way to confirm why Caledon can be one of the top picks for digital nomads, will be to define what a digital nomad actually is:
Digital nomads are people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.
As Caledon is a smaller community which is rapidly growing as well as investing in their infrastructure, the proof of this being the addition of high-speed internet which has been implemented to the community.
This, alongside peace and quiet, and a lot of outdoor activities, can be a magnet to the Millennial age group which do prefer the Nomadic lifestyle!
Step by step, the community is transforming, being open to accept all and every business opportunity, which leads to an influx of investors as well as people living their life without worries of finances or materialistic things!
Another reason why Caledon can just be that place where you can invest your money as well, either to grow a profit, or to raise a family!
This is your chance to advance, move forward with security and flexibility that not a lot of communities can offer!

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