By: Lorraine Mondello

Get The Most Out Of Your Online Listing With These 3 Simple Tips

Tags: Selling your home, online listing, marketing strategy, real estate

With the internet, social media, and Google as almost the primary source of information, it has become far easier for home sellers to get the word out that they are selling, but, at the same time, it has never been harder to stand out amongst a big pool of competitors. Home sellers are pretty much aware of the power of online marketing, but they are also often not sure about how to get the maximum out of their listing and how to make it stand out.

Creating a proper marketing strategy is no easy job, especially not for someone who has not dealt with this kind of work before. How to target the right audience, how to make the listing attractive, and how to play the price card are just some of the questions that overwhelm sellers. Here are some tips on how to spread the word online in a clever way when you are selling.

Hire a Listing Agent to Get the Right Exposure
Having a realtor on your team will certainly help you close a better deal. A listing agent will know where to advertise your listing and which websites your target group visits the most. If you are selling a 4-bedroom home, your target group is probably families, so you will need to find a way to catch their attention the most. Realtors usually know how to reach the right audience and which tricks to use to trigger interest. Homes sold with a realtor generally result in more inquiries, better offers, and higher sold prices.

Create a Catchy Ad to Draw Attention
Photos are an inevitable part of the home selling process, so make sure to capture your home from the best angles featuring its best-selling features. Make sure your home is clean, clutter-free, well-lit and tastefully staged before the photo shoot. Avoid taking photos with your smartphone and hire a photographer for a professional and stunning look of the best features your home has. Consult your listing agent on the whole setup. They will probably have a photographer and/or professional stagers to recommend. Plus, they have seen dozens of houses and can help you out with valuable suggestions and advice. Their expert eye will certainly come in handy.

Develop a Price Strategy that Works Best in Today’s Market
Many home sellers fail to understand that pricing a home online differs from traditional pricing While in the past, pricing a home at $423,000 instead of $425,000 to get attention was completely reasonable, today, you might lose a fraction of potential homebuyers because they will never get to see your ad.

Nowadays, people filter by home type, square footage, number of rooms, etc., and they enter the price range they are looking for. What’s interesting is that most websites rely on round numbers when they offer price points for homebuyers to choose from, e.g., $300,000, $325,000, $350,000, $375,000, $400,000, etc. With a price of $423,000, you would eliminate all the potential buyers whose search starts from $425,000.  To make sure you get maximum exposure, go through the pricing strategy with your realtor, and besides working out a number relative to market value, consider also adjusting the price to the most popular search options. Figure out your best-case scenario, and with the help of your agent, try to work towards it with these tips.

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