By: Lorraine Mondello

Home Shopping With Kids: Homes For The Whole Family

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Children are the joy of every parent and finding a safe and sound environment for the little ones is usually the parents’ top goal when shopping for a home. Many young homebuyers are parents or aspire to be so they are not only looking for a home where they will feel comfortable but also their kids. Today’s market counts numerous homes catered explicitly to the needs of family life which makes it easier to find a suitable solution. If you are also on the hunt for a family-friendly home, here are some of the top features you should be looking for.

Nearby Nurseries And Schools 
One of the most important aspects is education, and if you have a school-age kid, you will probably want your child to go to a good school that promotes the right values and inspires students to academic achievements. When you like an area and a home, make sure to inspect the local school system and what it offers. Ask about the curricula, extracurricular activities, the Frasier Institute’s school rating, etc. The quality of schools has become a vital factor, and meanwhile, school districts play also a role when it comes to a home’s or neighborhood’s market value. If your child is younger, you may approach in a similar way with local nurseries.

Optimum Space And Size
Besides buying a home with extra bedrooms for the children, you may also want to consider room for a play area or all the stuff that needs to be stored, like sports equipment, toys, books, etc. An organized home makes it easier to navigate through the daily routine without random stuff in the way. Look for a home of acceptable size and plenty of storage solutions to keep all the little things under control.
Green Spaces And The Right Amenities
Playing outside is an important part of childhood. It is where children make memories and friends, so many parents look for friendly surrounding when home hunting. Parks and playgrounds in the vicinity are a true blessing for parent and kid. When going to home showings, look around to see how far away the nearest park is and what it offers, especially if you are buying a condo, as Detached usually come with great yards where you can set up your own outdoor space or playground.

If you have an older child or children who already pursue a hobby/sport/activity, ask about the nearest amenities, e.g., if you have a swimmer, you probably want to know where the nearest pool is and if you have a football player in the making, find a location with nearby football fields.

A Safe Neighborhood
Neighborhood and location remain the #1 factor when choosing a home. Having kids makes homebuyers even more aware of the benefits of picking the right location. Besides targeting neighborhoods with a low crime rate, communities with slower traffic flow, wider sidewalks and great street lights are high on the parents’ wish list because they provide a sense of safety and protection.

Just like adults, children need the right surrounding to grow, and the right home and environment can certainly contribute to a higher quality of life, so make sure the new home and area meet your children’s needs just like your own. Contact us for more information on the best family homes currently available in the market.