By: Lorraine Mondello

The Lakefront In Ontario

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Ontario has many perfect lakefront cottages that are true Canadian gems, and they are not only great for weekend getaways and taking vacations, but also if you are looking for a nice investment opportunity or even yet to move there permanently. Many investors and buyers have already recognized the countless perks of cottage life. The breathtaking scenic views, the water and above-the-top homes launch the cottage category high on the buyers’ wish list. Waterfront spots are usually the favorite and when combined with a beautiful home they make up for an ideal environment to recharge your batteries or raise a family. For those looking for a more secluded and more private property, there are plenty of big lakeside lots that come with a great home or cottage near Caledon Lake.

Despite a range of new builds, many buyers still rather opt for the older rustic cottages which come with a traditional touch, lots of wooden features and fireplaces.

What Is Particularly Popular?
Many buyers favor big lakes with beautiful shorelines and places where the water quality is outstanding and safe for swimming, fishing and other water activities. Just like in the city, location in cottage real estate takes precedence so we see many buyers targeting exclusively lakefront properties. Some buyers simply care more about location than the cottage itself or the materials it was been built of especially if they are looking for investment properties. Both, investors and homebuyers, are mostly looking for cottages which have a high rental potential so they can make some profit as well besides vacationing there themselves. Buyers often inquire about the rentability of a place before they make their final decision. Ontario is known for many fabulous resorts and tourist attractions with a rich historical and cultural background, so it's only natural that short-term rentals are a lucrative business. Tourism is one of the main economic drivers in some of Ontario’s lakeside areas in winter and summer. With amenities such as numerous hiking trails, forests, fine wining and dining, and, of course, the water, cottage living is indeed like a little piece of heaven.

Real estate prices vary from area to area, but there are certain locations that are relatively affordable, but in recent years, the prices went somewhat up, which is only natural considering the overall real estate situation in Canada. As the demand increased, the cottage real estate market has seen a rise in prices in general. The best part though is that the cottages in Ontario range from very affordable to astonishing 1 million dollar+ luxury cottages with top layouts, top-notch features and scenic window views, meaning, there is something for everyone.  

In general, Ontario cottages offer great value for money; and properties appreciate over time fast, especially those with highlighted selling features and in prime locations, so an investment in a cottage may be the right call for anyone who desires a second property or is fascinated with the life in nature.
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