By: Lorraine Mondello

What Is Home Staging Doing For Your Sales Success?

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Staging has become an important part of the home selling process especially in today's vibrant GTA market where sellers need to take every advantage they can get to be competitive in the real estate market. It can get challenging to make homebuyers notice your home in a pool of endless opportunities. Therefore, sellers should not undermine the power of staging, the ultimate method to make your home look better, more inviting and more appealing. Staging may incur certain costs during the selling process, but compared to how much you can get in return, the investment is rather minimal.

Sellers often get confused by the term staging as they associate it with decorating or remodeling, but the main idea behind staging is accentuating the home’s bestselling features to attract buyers and give them a feel of how great it would be to live in the home. Here is why staged homes get an advantage in the market:

Staged Homes Catch The Eye Of Home Hunters
Browsing through the listings, a neat and perfectly arranged home will certainly draw the attention of people on the lookout for homes. Staged homes are usually squeaky clean and clutter-free depicting a great setting where the furniture harmonizes with the colors and the style of the home. Who wouldn’t fall for such a home?!

It is not only about what buyers see, but also how it makes them feel. It is all about emotion and having buyers connect with the home on a deeper level.

Staged Sell For More On Average
Since buyers are more likely to fall in love with a staged home, they are more likely to pay more for it. Records show that staged homes can sell for up to 10% more than unstaged homes, sometimes even for more.

If you accentuate the main selling features right, you are potentially looking at a great deal. Always go with emphasizing areas and features of your home that bring great value to it, like if you have a great bathroom, make sure the faucets are shining, the towels are fluffy (and perhaps in a matching color with the bathroom), the sanitaryware is impeccable, etc.

Make sure to create the right atmosphere in every room to have buyers want the lifestyle the home depicts.

Staged Homes Optimize Space
Space optimization is one of the key factors in staging. When every inch of your home is utilized as it should be, it gives the home a more coherent tone. This especially refers to furniture setting, neatly organized knick-knacks and items, arranged closets, storing away unnecessary stuff, etc.

Staged Homes Sell Faster
As staged homes are more catchy, they attract a bigger pool of potential homebuyers which usually leads to more offers. Statistics show that staged homes spend less time on the market than unstaged homes, twice as less to be precise, enabling sellers to sell quicker than the average.
Benefits of staging are enormous, but not everyone is made for the task. It takes a keen eye to tastefully set up a home and get the best out of it, so many homebuyers resort to real estate agents or professional stagers to produce the desired effect. We at Team Lorraine Mondello are familiar with all the tricks to make your home shine in its best light, so if you should have any questions, we would be happy to help.