By: Lorraine Mondello

How To Find Your Perfect Neighborhood

Tags: the ideal neighborhood, community living, real estate, buying a home

Finding the right location and the right neighborhood when moving or relocating is a crucial factor when searching for a home. The feeling of comfort and security is highly associated with the area we live in. It all comes down to what makes you happy and comfortable, though a there is no universal handbook on the perfect neighborhood. Some people prefer to live nearby isolated natural wonderlands...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

How To List Your Home Before Spring?

Tags: listing your home, online listing, real estate, home sellers

If you have decided to list your home before other sellers storm the market in the spring, you may reap the benefits of selling when (almost) no one is. This period may be quieter when it comes to real estate, but there are always buyers looking to avoid the crowded spring season trying to find their perfect home before the first rays of sunshine. In the time of the Internet, serious buyers are al...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

Real Estate Market Predictions 2019

Tags: Real estate market 2019, predictions, homebuyers 2019

The past couple of years have been very dynamic for the Ontario housing market with the many changes that affected the pace of the real estate market in the given timespan. The year 2017 saw a distinctive disbalance of supply and demand resulting in bidding wars over the limited inventory, and of course, record-high prices as demand grew stronger. Subsequently, the government stepped in with a num...Read More