By: Lorraine Mondello

Unexpected Factors That Decrease Resale Value

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Most home sellers think about how to increase the value of their home when they decide to list it. While there are many ways to do so, there are also certain things the seller cannot influence when it comes to the home worth. Location and size may be the most important here (sellers cannot do much about that), but a number of unexpected factors can also affect the value of the home. Here are some ...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

How To Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

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Summer is in full bloom, and many homeowners are looking forward to their summer holidays somewhere at a beach at the seaside to recharge their batteries. Still, many homebuyers find it hard to relax knowing they will leave their home behind unattended for a week or two.  What can you do to protect your home while you are away? If you don’t have surveillance or an alarm system, here are...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

Get The Most Out Of Your Online Listing With These 3 Simple Tips

Tags: Selling your home, online listing, marketing strategy, real estate

With the internet, social media, and Google as almost the primary source of information, it has become far easier for home sellers to get the word out that they are selling, but, at the same time, it has never been harder to stand out amongst a big pool of competitors. Home sellers are pretty much aware of the power of online marketing, but they are also often not sure about how to get the maximum...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

The Lakefront In Ontario

Tags: Lakefront cottages, Ontario, waterfront Real estate

Ontario has many perfect lakefront cottages that are true Canadian gems, and they are not only great for weekend getaways and taking vacations, but also if you are looking for a nice investment opportunity or even yet to move there permanently. Many investors and buyers have already recognized the countless perks of cottage life. The breathtaking scenic views, the water and above-the-top homes lau...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

Home Shopping With Kids: Homes For The Whole Family

Tags: Family-homes, child-friendly environment, amenities and homes

Children are the joy of every parent and finding a safe and sound environment for the little ones is usually the parents’ top goal when shopping for a home. Many young homebuyers are parents or aspire to be so they are not only looking for a home where they will feel comfortable but also their kids. Today’s market counts numerous homes catered explicitly to the needs of family life whi...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

What Is Home Staging Doing For Your Sales Success?

Tags: Staging, selling a home, home sellers, benefits

Staging has become an important part of the home selling process especially in today's vibrant GTA market where sellers need to take every advantage they can get to be competitive in the real estate market. It can get challenging to make homebuyers notice your home in a pool of endless opportunities. Therefore, sellers should not undermine the power of staging, the ultimate method to make your...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

Make Homebuyers Notice Your Home

Tags: selling your home, tips and tricks, real estate

Home renovations may seem the optimum solution for getting more money out of a home sale but the seller/homeowner needs to carefully consider which updates are cost-effective and which may not generate the desired profits after the sale. For example, over-spending on features that are just pretty and not essential to a functional home should always be avoided as buyers will always be focusing more...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

How To Find Your Perfect Neighborhood

Tags: the ideal neighborhood, community living, real estate, buying a home

Finding the right location and the right neighborhood when moving or relocating is a crucial factor when searching for a home. The feeling of comfort and security is highly associated with the area we live in. It all comes down to what makes you happy and comfortable, though a there is no universal handbook on the perfect neighborhood. Some people prefer to live nearby isolated natural wonderlands...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

How To List Your Home Before Spring?

Tags: listing your home, online listing, real estate, home sellers

  If you have decided to list your home before other sellers storm the market in the spring, you may reap the benefits of selling when (almost) no one is. This period may be quieter when it comes to real estate, but there are always buyers looking to avoid the crowded spring season trying to find their perfect home before the first rays of sunshine. In the time of the Internet, serious buyer...Read More

By: Lorraine Mondello

Real Estate Market Predictions 2019

Tags: Real estate market 2019, predictions, homebuyers 2019

The past couple of years have been very dynamic for the Ontario housing market with the many changes that affected the pace of the real estate market in the given timespan. The year 2017 saw a distinctive disbalance of supply and demand resulting in bidding wars over the limited inventory, and of course, record-high prices as demand grew stronger. Subsequently, the government stepped in with a num...Read More